1        I am now working on a giant interactive art installation called "The Installation You Can't Un-see". Currently in the planning stage, the public can experience it in 2017. You'll walk by and through larger than life sculptures to become part of this dramatic painting.
                                                                             2         In 2014 my beautiful painting "Three Goddesses In One" was hanging at the Eye On the Mountain Art gallery in Santa Fe. It made a big splash in the art world thanks to one would- be art censor who called it sacrilegious and complained to the news media. As a result many articles and TV news stories covered this piece. Luckily most people from art critics to the general public understood this piece and loved it. Due to the publicity we sold the original and many prints (prints still available in several sizes and formats). People from all over the world discussed this piece. Enjoy a few of the English language articles about it: 
 Santa Fe New Mexican