I                             I am PAZ, a visual artist who lives and works in LA. I was was born in Israel and grew up in Los Angeles. From a very young age I always loved to draw which naturally lead to the desire to learn how to paint. By age 12 I was creating original oil paintings. I was very inspired especially at that young age by surreal and fantastical painters like Salvador Dali and Hieronymus Bosch. I took many different art classes thought my teen years and through college, but the best classes I always found where the uninstructed workshops where you can paint from a model and learn, light, color, expression and anatomy without a teacher. I always had a style of my own and never enjoyed teachers telling me how to paint which lead to my dropping out of art college after one year. So at age 19 a fresh art school dropout I decided to start my art career. I started by doing local art festival and eventually ventured out and did art festivals thought the western US as well as gallery shows and many other types of venues.  
           Everyone who sees my work says I have a very distinctive style with surreal, impressionistic and expressionistic elements. I don't fall into any one genre but the style is always recognizable. I work in many different mediums including oil and acrylic paints, drawings, wood carvings, clay and resin sculptures. I concentrate mostly on the human figure although I have ventured into many other subject matters. I feel like the human form is the most expressive and communicative thing that someone can paint because every single human understands it. I draw from many different traditions for my concepts and symbolism including fantasy science fiction and mythology. Each painting I make tells a story in fact they tell many stories, and each person that sees my work can interpret a different story and meaning form it. I hope you enjoy my work.